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semi-friends only XD


Horror Commercial

ok i'm sooo slow with replying and commenting!! i've been swamped with so much uni work!!! this is what happens when you procrastinate!! :O i've been staying up so late just to get it all done lol!!!
anyways MY HORROR COMMERCIAL IS DONE lol!!!! my buddies were great lol!!! gosh i have to say what can go wrong does go wrong!!! the £2000 cameras at the uni totally suck!! batteries kept dying even though i had been told they were just charged!! and then no sound was recorded!! >O well we just re-dubbed over again!! you can  hardly tell!! ;P i did the music as well!!! used fruity loops!!! :D

zombie commercial

ta da the zombie commercial is up!!! everyone can see my ' amazing' acting now as a zombie hahaha lol!!! watch and enjoy!! it's only 40 seconds!! :P my sis directed it lol!! all influenced by Italian horror films!! i couldn't stop laughing everytime i saw the camera lol!
ps i've been having problems getting into LJ recently, i've heard others have had that problem!! >O luckily it's being nice to me now!




thy christmas tree is up!!! thought i'd share a pic of it!! it's so much bigger than i thought it would be and it only costed £8 (not bad at all), can't wait til i get paid from work (i got shocked when i saw how much was left in me bank lol) haha i always spend a lot on christmas though always getting sucked into the commercialism of it (can't wait til it's over) also i have a meme from tangoineden (interesting questions)

(click to see it bigger) that's conrad being curious

click here for the memeCollapse )
PS it is freeeeeeeeeezing and misty outside!! (loving it though)

music video animation

omg how come i haven't shown this up yet, this is the animtion for my brother's music, he uploaded a while ago now >.<  me and my sis done it !!! XD
hope you like it!! :), took ages doing 1second lol!!

I'm shocked

omg i just heard over at the Versailles community that Jasmine You the bassist of the band had passed away!! i thought it was just a rumour and couldn't believe it!! i'm shocked, i heard he was unwell but i never expected this!! he was waaaay too young!!!

you'll be missed!!!
.... i'm hoping it'll all be some mistake!!! :O

AC/DC concert

on Tuesday i went to the AC/DC concert at Hampden with my friend and my sis! it was massive!! and plus it was roasting i felt like i was in an oven!!! 8D
we arrived at 4 O'clock and waited for about 2 long hours until the first Band fianally came on, they were called the Answer, they were ok but then the second band the subways came on a while after!! omg they were so bad it was originally suppose to be Thin Lizzy  performing but they pulled out so instead we all got this young studenty band totally for the wrong people, but i did feel bad when people were booing them no one wants that to happen to them! anyways Ac/Dc finally showed up at about 8:30 and my feet were just tired!!!!!!! and the crowd went mental, poor me got squashed so i had  to get the security guard to pull me out of the crowd and then later on my friend had been pulled out (we had no idea where my sis was at this time). We then went back into the crowd and got a good spot at the frontish!! there was so many weird displays as well no time to get bored at all! there was about 50 000 people there all together!!!! plus when they played Highway to hell we all just went crazy!!
later on we stayed at a hostel we met another friend around 12:30 and went out to eat (since we were starving). I think we got back to the place around 3:00am and didn't get to sleep around 4:00 maybe even later coz it took me ages to sleep as usual!!
ooooooo i think i've still got some bruises!! my legs are still knackered!! oooo my back too!!! lol i'm such an old man!!
anyways here's some photos my sis took, some aren't the best quality because they were still from the videos she took!!

Follow here for more photos!!!! 8DCollapse )

birds of a weird feather


these are more pictures of the weird birds that were in the tropical place in France, got to be the strangest birds i've ever seen!
sadly due to my senileness i can't remember what species of birds any of them were! :O

   this was one very strange bird, look at it's beak!!! :O, oooooo how nature is weird.

Click here for more strange feathers ^^Collapse )

Writer's Block: There Can Be Only One

Do you believe in monogamy?
of course i have a shelf made from it!! XD

lol i kid kid!! well to answer the question now, well i guess it depends on different cultures right! ;P

Stratovarius concert

hi folks! yesterday i went to the Stratovarius concert! it was held at place called the Cat House and it was the tiniest place ever lol! i had to dash right after work to get their on time lol and for dinner i had a small sandwich  anyways this time i didn't get squashed (somehow i wanted to) it was pretty Mellow lol! my hearing's all mellow too!

there's some photos to share now, thanks to my sis!! ^^

★ Follow here for more Photos ★!! 8DCollapse )

thought i'd post link to some of their vid incase you're curious!! ^^ i'm happy they sang those songs!!

The Committee for the Liberation and Integration of Terrifying Organisms and their Rehabilitation Into Society



All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

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